Ostafichuk, Carmen - Principal
Gay, Grant - Vice-Principal
Leidl, Jamie - Vice-Principal
Student Services
Epp, Tara - Student Services Department Head
Williams, Cathy - Asst. Student Services Coord.
Support Staff
Endersby, Nancy - Attendance Officer/Receptionist
Friesen, Sharon - Administrative Assistant
Reid, Kellie - Librarian
Wideman, Toni - Administrative Assistant
Donnelly, Marlene - Guidance Counsellor
James, Peter - School Connections Worker
O'Leary, Kaitlin - Family School Liaison Worker
Aiello, Sam - Physical Education/Sports Medicine/Physical Education Department Head
Antoniszyn, Kris - Social Studies/Religion
Antoniszyn, Tara - Religion
Bachek, Don - Chemistry
Bachek, Tenielle - Social Studies
Baldwin, Joey - Social Studies
Baxter, Melissa - Science 10 in French and English/ Biology in English and French/ French Immersion Department Head
Bertrand, Jenna - English
Boland, Jade - English/Art/Drama
Clay, Kyle - Social Studies/New Media/Social Studies Department Head
Coderre, Kirby - Science/Physics
Crawford, Kevin - New Media/Computer Programming/ CTS Department Head/ Athletic Director
Dickie, Bruce - Physics
Doerksen, Wendy - Drama/Performing Arts/Yoga/Fine Arts Department Head
Epp, Tara - Learning Strategies
Gay, Grant - Vice Principal/Biology/Religion Department Head/Faith Leader
Gill, Carmen - Religion/Fitness & Nutrition/Physical Education/Faith Leader
Giraudier, Les - Fitness & Nutrition
Hassett, Matthew - Science/Social Studies/ Physical Education/ CALM/ Athletic Director
Hesch, Adam - Science in English & French/Chemistry
Humphrey, Adam - English/Film Studies/Drama
Johnson, Sarah - Art/English
Kennedy, Martin - Band/Performing Arts
Krueger, Jason - Construction/Social Studies
Krueger, Stephanie - Spanish Language & Culture
Lefebvre, Lise - French as a Second Language/French Language Arts
Leidl, Jamie - Vice Principal/Social Studies
Lepp, Crystal - Mathematics/Mathematics Department Head
Leyne, Siobhan - English/Sports Medicine/Physical Education
Macdonald, Broek - Religion
McElroy, Kathy - Foods
Moran, Nora - Mathematics/Religion
Niven, Louise - Information Processing/Work Experience/Foods
Olshaski, Millie - Mathematics/Foods
Olynyk, Jason - Mathematics
Ostafichuk, Carmen - Principal/Mathematics
Paulgaard, Paula - Biology
Perri, Allison - Social Studies
Prodanuk, Samantha - English
Real, John - Chemistry/Science Department Head
Royce, Kathy - English/Creative Writing/English Department Head
Royce, Scott - Mathematics in English and French
Sekura, Roxanne - Mathematics
Smith, Joanne - English
Taylor, Thomas - Jazz Band
Vant Erve, Gerry - Science/Biology
Williams, Cathy - Student Services/Science/CALM